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IZC is your insurance advocate

IZC is an independent insurance agent. Our goal is to provide the best insurance coverage at the best price for each individual’s unique situation.
We partner with multiple insurance companies, allowing us to shop on your behalf and find the best fit for a variety of unique circumstance. IZC provides homeowners insurance across multiple geographies – even in hard to place coastal areas and high value or second homes. We also offer automobile insurance, life insurance, umbrella insurance and insurance on valuable items.

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We want what’s best for you, therefore take a look at some additional coverages we could add to your insurance policy
Extended Replacement Cost if the cost to rebuild exceeds your policy limit
Coverage for power lines, phone and cable lines, or sewer pipes
Liability coverage for libel, slander, or reputational harm
Mechanical breakdown of Home systems or appliances
Replacement cost of items inside your home
Coverage for fungi or mold
Living expenses if displaced from your home
Water backup of a sewer or drain
Rebuilding your home to current building codes
Foundation repairs
Identity Theft coverage
Kidnap and ransom coverage


Homeowners policies differ between various insurance providers and it is important to secure the right coverage for your unique situation. Whether you have one home or multiple homes, our experienced professionals will tailor a comprehensive plan that focuses on your priorities.
What does my homeowners policy NOT cover?
Do I need to insure my autos and home with the same carrier?
Will my prior claims keep me from finding insurance?
Can IZC help with my other insurance needs besides homeowners?